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We want to thank the wonderful families who openned their heart and their home to one of our Bengals. It’s always a pleasure to receive news. Feel free to share pictures and updates!




I wanted to send some updated pictures of Pip from her first year with us as she just turned 1 a couple weeks ago. She is a very happy, well loved, and spoiled girl. She loves to go on hikes and walks with her big sister and gets very excited for her weekly pet store outings! We love her so so much.


Thank you again for this beautiful addition to our family.

Hannah Harper


Here is Chip (now Che) at 7 months. Thank you for raising such a well adjusted cat with an extraordinary personality. He's so much fun. He loves hide and seek, and hunting insects. We love him to pieces.

Tanya and Scott


Thought you might enjoy some photos of Djuma (Bonsaia) enjoying her freedom!
She is a delightful addition to our family. She enjoys drinking from the faucet, sampling our food, chewing on anything made of wool, and chasing almost anything that moves(flies, deer, our other cats).
We love the fact that when she has exhausted herself she is a wonderful lap sleeper as well.
Thank you so much for this wonderful girl. She came to us for Christmas last year and she hasn't stopped giving all year.



Ziva is doing well and I think she’ll be a big girl. Her feet are always big until she grows into them, like a puppy. She is very affectionate, a purr machine! She also loves going outside in our cats enclosure. We are very happy with her. I’ve attached some pictures of Ziva.






I am the proud owner of Grizzli and have been meaning to send you some photos:) Grizzli is now known as Carter, and I couldn't be happier! He is my best friend and grew up to be beautiful! I entered him in his first cat show this weekend (CCA at Ottawa Valley Cat Club). He got his first 4 purple ribbons so now he can compete in the Premiership if I try again. He didn't enjoy being handled by the judges, so I don't know if we will try again but if he warms up to the shows, it could be fun. Lots of people wanted to know where I got him, so I told them all about Maracaja Bengals:) Carter is amazing and I am so happy to have him. He knows lots of tricks and follows me around everyday. Very inquisitive and loving, and cuddles me every morning to wake me up.


Thank you for breeding such a beautiful and well-handled cat. He is part of the family and definitely knows it! :):):)


Erin O'Farrell




We wanted to give you an update on Armani as his one year birthday is approaching...He is gorgeous, he weighs a whopping 14.8 lbs and is very solid and strong, his colors have darkened and his markings are exquisite ...he is my buddy at bedtime, he never leaves my side. We did change his diet a bit to cope with his sensitive tummy but he gets a high quality food with real meat for substitutes and treats, whether its fish or chicken or boiled beef and he knows when its time to eat... :) He is very social and friendly and loves to meet new guests in our home.


Sara, Kurt & Aiselinn




Just to update you that Mimzy is wonderfull. Cudly and playfull. She was sitting on the corner of the table and when my husband got up to get something, she grabed his steak and took off with it.





MacKayla and Pixie

Thank you so much for allowing us to bring Pixie into our home. She is wonderful and MacKayla and she are becoming great friends.  Pixie has an amazing personality.  We have never seen such an affectionate kitten. She is always purring, snuggling, licking and rubbing against us. We are thrilled at how loving she is; in the middle of playing she will often pause to come over to one of us, purring, and give us a fully body rub, from her nose to her hind, and a couple licks before going right back to playing.  By the way, she loves the wand you gave her and has also been diving though the tunnel.  They were excellent gifts, thank you.  She is also very well behaved and although she is determined and very curious she responds well to redirection/distraction.  You do an excellent job at training and socializing your kittens and we could not be happier with both MacKayla and Pixie

Tara & Derek



Twiggy and Ziggy

I just wan't to give you an update on how Ziggy and Twiggy are doing. Well, first they are both amazing cats, we love them so much.


Twiggy is the sweetest thing, she loves to cuddle and is so soft. Everyone is so amazed how soft she is. She still has her quirks like she sucks on her belly all the time, and every morning she follows me around meowing at me till I cuddle with her,lol, so sweet!



Ziggy is our handsome man, everyone who sees him falls in love with him. He wasn't much of a cuddler when he first came to our house but now he loves to cuddle. The only thing is he gets a little rough with his nails,lol as he likes to kneed as he is He is on my lap as I write,lol.


They both have been a great addition to our family and we can't thank you enough for giving us these amazing cats. Ziggy is our vocal one and loves to talk to you. He is also getting big, he has turned into a very beautiful cat, looks like he has gold flecks all over his fur when he is in the sun which they both love to lay in. Well i attached a picture of them so you can see how they are.


Thanks again,




Hi Melissa and Pascal,


Life with Eshu has been great! He is a terrific fit in our home very curious and playful but very friendly! He loves to play fetch with his little toys and walking in his wheel. We rarely have to look for him around the house because wherever we are he is not far behind. I have attached some pictures if you are interested in seeing how he has grown!



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