Cattery tour

Our kittens are born in our bedroom but when they start to run and jump, they need more space. Then they are moved to our  living room/kitchen area where they share our daily activities. Everywhere in our home, they have a lot of place to run, cat condos, cat wheels and many fun toys. Our cats also have access to a large area in our home that was build and designed specifically for them.  You see the pictures below.  Our males need their own room(white doors on the pictures).

These are our stud rooms. We have 2 big rooms (9’ X 7’) with lots of shelves to jump and a window! Each room in equipped with a cozy bed, a cat exercise wheel, a 6-ft tall post and a drinking fountain. The walls are made of plastic sheets, they are very easy to clean.  The doors are covered with wire mesh so the males are not completely isolated from the sound and view of the other cats.

Outside enclosures

Our beautiful retired cats

These cats have contributed to our breeding program and are now enjoying a wonderful pet life!

-RW SGC Bella Storm Strike of Maracaja-

Striker still lives with us as a pet and family member!

-Maracaja Sand Roses-

Rose is staying with us and share our daily activities.

-RW QGC Jazzle Washington of Maracaja-

Our very first Bengal, Jayzzy was adopted by Eric and René!

-Jazzle Puzzle Piece of Maracaja-

Our very first female, Puzzle, lives with Erika.

-Medoz Snowball Effect of Maracaja-

Snowball lives with Lise !

-Bengaland Petit Bijou of Maracaja-

Jewel lives with Hélène and Pierre!

-Akerrs Miss Hawaiian Tropic of Maracaja-

Loa was adopted by Diane!

-Bengaland Royal Cookie of Maracaja-

Limo lives with Hélène and Roland

-Maracaja I Told You So-

Soleil lives with Ewa and one of her kitten!

-Calcatta Millie The Pooh of Maracaja-

Millie was adopted by Lynda and Rene!

-Amantra Sanjay Singh of Maracaja-

Sanjay enjoys his pet life with Jessica!

 Maracaja Bengal,  a labor of love, since 2008 

Une histoire de cœur, depuis 2008

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