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Sumarum Saruman of Maracaja


Registration number (TICA): SBT 030517 076

Microchip: 967000009918975
Date of birth: March 5, 2017


Screened negative for HCM - 2017, 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024

PK-Def normal (N/N)

Bengal-PRA Normal (N/N)



Cs/Cb - Seal mink spotted, carries for sepia and lynx point

A/a - Carries non agouti

D/d - Carries blue

Pure for spots (does'nt carry marbled)


Asian leopard cat ancestors:

Millwood/Centerwall leopard cats

Best features:

Our first ''snow leopard'' male! We love his contrast and soft glittered pelt. Gorgeous blue eyes.  Great muscles and structure.  Tail carried low. Wide, puffy nose leather. Good ears set. Expressive face. 



Saruman has a laid-back personality.  He is calm and quiet.  He is playfull and sweet but not boisterous. He is such a gentleman with our females.  Thank you Michaela for this great male!   



Mom: Sumarum Vivien (seal mink tabby)

Dad: Sumarum Cappuccino (smoke sepia)

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