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Rainforest Epic Story of Maracaja


TICA registration number: SBT 031915 035

Microchip: 900026000540256
Date of birth: March 19, 2015


Testé CMH négatif 2016 et 2018

PK-Def normal (N/N)

Bengal-PRA Normal (N/N)



C/Cs - Carries for seal lynx point

Carried for marbled


Asian leopard cat ancestors:

6th generation from ALC Taro of Bundas

Best features:
Wild expression, wide nose and small ears. Thick pelt, very soft. Clear coat, contrast and beautiful sand color. Chain rosetting, horizontal pattern flow, reminiscent of the ocelot pattern. Thick tail with rosettes on it! She even has a bird tattoo on the right shoulder!
Very energetic, self-confident and affectionate! She purrs all the time and loves to have all our attention. A huge thank to his breeder, Jaen Treesinger for our long-awaited Rainforest girl! Saga was meant to be ours!




Mom: Rainforest Summersault

Screened HCM negative      

Dad: Rainforest Bo Jackson

Screened HCM negative        

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