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Antoninio Lucky Way of Maracaja



Screened negative for HCM -2018, 2020,2022

PK-Def normal (N/N)

Bengal-PRA normal (N/N)



D/d -Carries dilute (blue)

C/Cs -Carries for seal lynx point (snow)


Asian leopard cat lines:


Best features:

The best contrast I have ever seen on a Bengal.  Super silky pelt!  Amazing clarity, glitter, color and great pattern flow. Strong and long body.  Huge, massive male! Straight profile with a gentle concave curve as described in the standard.  Decent chin and ears. Expressive face!



Curious, super confident and extra sweet! After a long tryp from the Netherlands, Lucky came out of the carrier purring and happy.  He slept in my arms at the very first night with us. Lucky is very playfull and make us laugh with his clumsiness.  He is loud and loves attention. A huge thank to Tomasz for sending us this wonderful cat. We are truly Lucky to have Lucky with us!









TICA registration number: SBT 073117 007

Microchip: 528246002656135
Birth date: July 31,2017



Mom: Maiwen de Bengalina (Seal lynx point) 

Screnned HCM negative       

Dad: Adonis l. von der Blles

Screnned HCM negative       

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